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BodyBuilt Portable Gym Machine

BodyBuilt Portable Gym Machine

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The Portable gym machine is a premium retractable bodybuilding bar with sturdy, adjustable resistance bands fastened to both ends. As a result of the perceived difficulty of getting dressed, going to the gym, and returning home, 90% of people give up on their health goals within the first three months.

With the Portable Gym Machine, the most difficult part of the workout can be done at home while still targeting every body part. In a nutshell, the Portable Gym Machine eliminates all obstacles in your way of reaching your health objectives!

    What Is Portable Gym Equipment?

    The Portable Gym Equipment is a high-quality retractable bodybuilding bar with long-lasting adjustable resistance bands attached to both ends.

    • All bands are constructed of the highest quality durable anti-break robust elastic.
    • Each band offers 30 pounds of resistance.
    • 4 bands give a total of 120 lb of resistance.
    • 6 bands give a total of 180 lb of resistance.
    • It weighs about 3.5 pounds and will fit in any backpack or travel bag.
    • The bar is 40 inches long (can be split in half)
    • In a nutshell, it is a "Portable All-in-One Gym Machine.

    Exercises Anyone Can Perform With Portable Gym Machine:

    • Squats for the Back, Legs, and Glutes
    • Hip thrusts for your glutes, legs, and back
    • Arm Bicep Curls
    • Stretching for your Back and Arms
    • Chest Flies

    How Does This Portable Gym Help You Stay Committed To Working Out?

    • 90% of people ditch their health goals within the first three months because dressing up, hitting the gym, and coming back seem too difficult.
    • A portable Gym Machine allows you to target every single body part from the comfort of your own home, removing the most challenging part of the workout.
    • In a nutshell, the Portable Gym Machine removes every possible barrier between you and your health goals!

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