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Instant Multipurpose Repair Paste
Instant Multipurpose Repair Paste

Instant Multipurpose Repair Paste

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Easily & Instantly Seal and Repair Broken Surfaces

Want to seal or repair any kind of surface with a waterproof effect? Then look no more! Instant Waterproof Repair Paste will help you fix all those pesky tasks.



  • STRONG ADHESIVE: An innovative paste that effectively seals, and repairs broken surfaces. It is a water-based sealant that is paintable and can be used to waterproof a large variety of surfaces. Checking off the honey-do list has never been so easy.

  • EASY TO USE & APPLY: Use it to seal any kind of hole or to hold things together. You can use it on metal, plastic, glass, and many more surfaces. It even works on wet surfaces, for example, when you need to fix a pipe.

  • WATERPROOF: The paste will prevent any liquid from leaking as it's waterproof. It provides a tough but flexible layer of protection to the applied surface, creates some amazing, durable results.