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Lined Warmed Tights-Light Shade

Lined Warmed Tights-Light Shade

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The Lined Warmed Tights are a versatile accessory for the cooler seasons, offering warmth and comfort for a range of body types. Available in a light shade, these tights come in one size that fits XS to L, with body height ranging from 4'11" to 5'7" (150 - 175 cm) and body weight from 88 lbs to 143 lbs (40 kg - 65 kg). Perfect for spring, autumn, and winter, these lined tights will keep you cozy and stylish no matter what the weather.


  • Size: Onesize (XS-L)
  • Body height: 4'11" - 5'7" (150 - 175 cm)
  • Body weight: 88 lbs - 143 lbs (40 kg - 65 kg); PLUS size also available
  • Season: Spring, Autumn, Winter

The Unique Features of Our Lined Warmed Tights:

  • Provides warmth in a comfortable way
  • Gives the illusion of transparency, but is actually opaque
  • Durable and resistant to runs and tears
  • Made of highly stretchable material
  • Convenient to wash at a temperature of 86°F (30°C)
  • Available in Plus Size as well.

Keep Warm in Fashion.
You no longer need to endure pain! Dresses, skirts, boots, and high heels all look lovely when worn with this outfit. For freezing temperatures of up to 5°F, the superior Alpine Fleece inside always keeps you cozy and toasty. Anytime, wherever, wear anything you want!

Shaping and slimming
In order to be warm, you don't want to dress loosely. By flattening your belly, high-end curves keep your legs in great condition. Your bottom seems more rounded and athletic thanks to the unique push stitching on the buttocks.

Constantly cozy.
You are still free to move in whatever way you like. Because of the seams' exceptional comfort, you won't feel them when jogging or even walking. No more running stitches or snags. You no longer have to compromise between comfort and utility!

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