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Hydroshower Jet - Luxury Showerhead

Hydroshower Jet - Luxury Showerhead

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The Luxury Hydroshower Jet is a luxurious and powerful shower experience that gives you the feel of a high-pressure shower in the comfort of your own home. The jet is designed to provide a powerful massage effect, increasing the pressure of the water for a more intense shower session. The hydroshower jet also features an adjustable nozzle and a shower arm that can be adjusted to meet your desired height.


  • 200% more water Pressure
  • Filters 98% of Bacteria and Harmful Chemicals
  • 40% Water Saving
  • Improves hair and skin health
  • Unique Jet Pattern 


Double-Skin Technology improves your showering experience by projecting high-pressure water via its integrated Turbine, which is visible through its polycarbonate glass casing.


During a 7-minute shower, the average American uses 15.8 gallons (59.8 liters) of water. While delivering the perfect pressure, consumes 40% less water.


Creates a creative spray pattern while remaining gentle on your skin by projecting 200 percent greater water pressure through more than 100 tiny laser-cut holes.

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