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Rotate Anti-skid Folding Magic Clothes Hanger

Rotate Anti-skid Folding Magic Clothes Hanger

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No more losing or taking forever to find your favorite clothes! View all your favorite clothing items organized perfectly for easy selection in seconds!
  • Keeps clothes organized and wrinkle-free 
  • Each hanger is optimized to fit up to 9 garments
  • Creates more closet space for more clothes
  • Easy to use and install

This Multi-Port Clothes Hanger has 9 holes to hang clothes vertically, also effectively anti-skid. And its convenient  rotation and folding design could greatly save your cabinet space. It's a must-have item for your home.

The rotating swivel allows you to place your clothes in whichever position you find more comfortable so that it is easier to find your favorite clothes.

Its reinforced structure with no problem. The Multi-Clothes Hanger is designed to hold a tremendous amount of weight and maximize closet space. When purchasing this, you¡¯re really getting 18 hangers in total because of the functionality and innovative hanger design, saving you space, time and money while neatly organizing.


  • Made of PP material, lightweight and durable;

  • 360 rotation design, freely hanging at different angles;

  • Folding design saves space, allowing hanging vertically or horizontally;

  • Nine holes for a neater cabinet, also effectively anti-skid;

  • This hanger could be double-used, for wet or dry clothes.

  • Size33.5*17.5 cm



  1 PC/ 4 PCs/ 7 PCs/10PCs Rotate Anti-skid Folding Hanger

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