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Soft Weighted Dino Plush Doll

Soft Weighted Dino Plush Doll

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The Perfect Cuddle Companion For Every Occasion

Our Dino Plush Doll will give you the ultimate feeling of peace and relaxation for every moment. The plushie puts your nervous system into rest mode, which reduces your anxiety, heart rate, and breathing. Made of high-quality materials, this cuddly toy is extremely soft to the touch and durable, so it can withstand plenty of hugs and adventures.

Fluffy Design – It's made with a super soft, premium quality plush material that's precisely stitched which makes it irresistible to the touch. 

Cuddle Buddy – Designed to be more huggable than a pillow. It's the best companion to have if you are experiencing any type of anxiety or stress, making Dino Plushie perfect to cuddle up with!

Nicely Weighted – Each Dino Plush Doll is designed to provide a sense of comfort and security by distributing a gentle weight on your body.

Perfect Gift – Dino Plush Doll comes in many different variations so you can find the perfect fit for you or anyone you wish to give a gift of joy to! Get one or collect them all!

Size Details:

  • Small: 20cm x 16cm x 4.5cm
  • Medium: 40cm x 32cm x 9cm
  • Large: 60cm x 48cm x 13.5cm
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