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Magical Car Scratch Repair Pen – Make Your Car Scratch-Free Again!

Magical Car Scratch Repair Pen – Make Your Car Scratch-Free Again!

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Here’s a magical product to help you out with your cars scratches. Whether you’re a new driver or an old one, your car gets scratched very easily and here’s a quick way to cover your mistakes. As it is pen-like, so you can carry it with you for emergencies. It is non-toxic and environment-friendly and does not have any toxic odors. The car scratch repair pen is permanent; even the rain can't wash it off. As a scratch repair in workshops can cost you a lot of money, with the help of this pen you can get effective results at affordable prices.

The unique pen can clear off scratch from any color. Before use shake the pen, and then apply it on the affected area. It takes 40 to 50 pressures to get the ideal result and works best under sunlight.  It takes time depending on how deep the scratches are. The scratch pen repair offers an ideal quick fix. 


  • A pen which helps to repair scratches on your car
  • Easy to use, non- toxic and environment-friendly
  • Works like magic on the scratches 
  • Affordable and saves you a lot of money
  • The pen can erase scratches form cars of any color
  • An ideal quick fix


  • Material: Plastic
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